Involvement of an IMOCA 60 (a type of sailing yacht) taking part in the Vendée Globe 2016

The skippers of the Vendée Globe are collaborating with the Citclops/EyeOnWater project, which was part of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, 1000001 Labs, Eurecat, MARIS, NIOZ, and the Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB).

The Citclops (Citizen’s Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring) project is based on optical monitoring of the transparency, colour and fluorescence of the surface of the sea, to determine the quality of the water and the presence on plankton.

The IMOCA 60 taking part in the Vendée Globe that is involved in Citclops/EyeOnWater is Didac Costa’s one. There are 27 IMOCA 60 in total. After intense months of preparations, the One Planet One Ocean, Didac’s ship, is ready to participate. Didac, alongside Aleix Gelabert, won the fourth place in the last Barcelona World Race.

Pending completion of the sponsorship, Didac has rented the boat from the FNOB, which has shown plenty of support to the project, aware that doing so was necessary to be present on the starting line of the biggest challenge posed by oceanic navigation.

The IMOCA 60 are a type of monohull sailing yachts administrated by the International Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA).